the lenni lenape nanticoke nation of arzareth in america

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                 THE AMURU OF ETHIOPIA



 Abraham and Lot were counted among the westward moving Semites and Hamites who were known as the Amurru(Amuru) . Amurru  means west and refers to those who migrated from Sumeria to the lands of Syria, Lebanon and Palestine which historically became known as the Lands of the Amurru. The name Amurru is the earliest etymological root of the word Moor. In present day Ethiopia among the ancient Omotic tribes there is a tribe that is referred to as the Amuru . The Omotic tribes were traditionally considered to be the most islolated and undisturbed by outside influence. 

    The Amhara of Ethiopia have maintained a Semitic Language, Culture and identity and through DNA testing it has been proven that millions of Amhara belong to the J1 Semitic Y-Chromosome Haplogroup. In addition to the Amhara, DNA test results have conclusively proven a prominent Semitic origin among the isolated Omotic tribes such as the 
 Sheckecho, Yem, Kefa and Amuru who have likewise produced a relatively high percentage of J1 Y-Chromosome results.

(The Amuru of Ethiopia, numbering 3,600, are Unengaged and Unreached. They are part of the Omotic people cluster within the Horn of Africa affinity bloc. This people group is only found in Ethiopia. Their primary language is Boro (Ethiopia).......)